Michael Skir

An Authentic Experience for Everyone: How to Find the Perfect Private Tour Guide in Israel

Michael Skir is one of the best tour guides in Israel. with a long list of clients’ experience and knowledge. To be a private tour guide in Israel, there is a lot of studying and practicing to do. Michael Skir studied the history and archaeology of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. More was learned and studied at each site and national park all over Israel. Traveling to Israel and the holy sites is a whole different experience with Michael Skir. Each place, holy site, and national park has so many stories and histories, and with Michael Skir, each one of them becomes a whole book.

Why is it better to travel with a private guide?

Israel is one of the most difficult places to understand history, both from a historical point of view and from a narrative point of view.

The life of Jesus, together with the understanding of the New Testament and the Old Testament, together with the understanding of history at that time, is so essential to understanding history, and the development of Christianity and Judaism.

The success of the guided tours to Israel depends almost exclusively on the guide, on his experience and training, and on his ability to lead you through the length and breadth of this wonderful country.

To tailor or create a trip with an experienced and knowledgeable guide like Michael Skir, one must first know what the purpose of the trip is (religious, experiential), then how many days we have at our disposal, and what the budget is. So Michael Skir, who is considered one of the leading guides in Israel, will send several suggestions along with various options, and this is the basis of the private and guided trip. Hence, the sky is the limit.

So if you are looking for a qualified guide with rich experience, the ability to guide and lead, and an amazing relationship with people and youth. The best guide in Israel is Michael Skir.

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