Jerusalem is The Capital of Israel and By Far One of The Most Famous and Fascinating Cities in the World, Where Thousands of Years of Glorious History Seamlessly Intertwine with Modern Day Life.

Discover the overwhelming power of this 3,000 year old city – its innumerable historic sites and archeological wonders, its magical walkways and magnificent views which are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. At the same time, the city’s strikingly modern attractions promise around the clock excitement and pleasure for all lovers of culture, arts, music, and culinary delights.

The Old City of Jerusalem is a favourite for all visitors from first timers, seasoned visitors as well as the locals. Surrounded by an ancient wall that has been rebuilt throughout history, there are 7 gates allowing access to historical and holy sites here. Make your way down the stone cobbled streets and find yourself walking through four thousand years of history, leaving you humbled and yet excited as you connect the modern day present with the simple beginnings of the past.

Step outside of the Old City and find everything that a typical modern city offers including hotels, promenades, restaurants and shopping malls. Visit museums, like the Israel Museum which is the largest cultural institution in Israel and ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums housing the infamous Dead Sea Scrolls (oldest biblical manuscripts) among other treasures. Local farms, wineries and breweries are set up around Jerusalem offering a variety of options to foodies ranging from the traditional Israeli cuisine to the contemporary and fusion fare paired with delicious award-winning wines and beers attracting enthusiast from all over the world.

Visit Mahane Yehuda, a colourful and vibrant outdoor market with an attractive vibe filled with culture and delicious aromas of the delicacies sold here. Wait till sundown and see this ‘shuk’ transform into a trendy hangout with live music to suit every mood accompanied with energetic people, a growing ‘street-art’ gallery exceptional food and delightful drinks. Mahane Yehuda offers a special experience so walk down the streets, stop by a food joint, dance a little while enjoying a drink and make your way to the next spot.

Drenched in art, history, culture and diversity the capital city of Israel loves to have a good time while allowing one to experience the contrast between old world historical charm and modern city living. As you drive in to Jerusalem you can’t help but connect with the culture, archaeology and history of the many nations who have walked through here, where old meets new beyond the walls of the Old City in this unique world capital.