About Me

I was born in Bat Yam a small city by the Mediterranean shore, which was all send and bare hills at the time.

In my dreams I wandered and traveled, but I was a small kid.

Michael Skir

At the age of two my father decided to return to Brasil, so the all family immigrated back to Brasil where I grew up until the age of eight.
Than we returned back to Israel, my wanderings dreams didn’t stop,and I traveled wherever I could,collecting beetles, and turtles, and various types of reptiles, my love for nature grew, I climbed fences, I rode my bicycle to Ashdod Ramla, Beit Shemesh, (70 miles )I just drove, there I found my peace.

In the army I Joined the Special Forces unit ,took part of the Lebanon wor but, I knew I would be a tour guide.

After the army I engaged in martial arts but the spirit of wandering did not leave, about 17 years ago I went through the state course tour guides , I traveled the along each path and rock , I studied archaeology..Islam Christian history,bible and biology.
I understood what Judaism and Christianity are, I loved every moment and became addicted to the stories.

I searched read and digged more and more, hundreds of books, lectures, and many hours of listening, until an amazing picture was revealed to me. The one I will tell you.