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per person

Client  agree to be guided by Michael Skir

or by replacement  in case of  force majeure or in case of necessity.


Working hours: 8 hours according by local laws

(But if decided otherwise by parties)


Itinerary according to contract (But if decided otherwise between parties) we are always open to changes, but as necessary changes will be agreed between two sides


Baggage: vehicle with capacity for one bag per person of 23 kg. More hand luggage (Unless the customer is informed and agreed by both parties)


Reserve: make a deposit required to secure your service provision reservation (In most cases, we charge 10% by credit card as a deposit


In case of cancellation up to 90 days, 100% refund.


60 days 75% .30 days 50% less than 29 days without refund.


Payment. 65% of the payment will be paid on the first day of travel, two days before the end of the trip, 35% remaining


Case and the client did appears


Cancellation with less than 10 days will be considered non-mandatory, forcing the customer to bear part of the guide’s receipts.


In case of force majeure (dead, earthquake, war, The deposit (10% of the value) paid by the customer will not be returned, on the other hand, or the customer will not be charged


Exceptions. Only in writing


What includes the services of the guide in israel:


Comfortable car, (in case of necessary accommodation of the guide)


What does not include in services


  • Customer tickets
  • Hotels
  • food
  • Parking
  • Tips
  • Extra mileage after 200 km