Christian Tour in Israel

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Christian Tour in Israel

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Christian Tour in Israel with Michael Skir

If you have always dreamed of visiting the Holy Land for a complete Christian tour in Israel, I can help you with an itinerary, charting the spiritual route through all the holy sites starting from the pilgrimage of Jerusalem. I am Michael Skir a designated tour guide who has been guiding tourists and pilgrims from all over the world to explore the rich religious heritage of this beautiful country. 


Every place has a story to tell. While Christian Holy Land Tours, I will take you on a spiritual journey recounting the significance of the Holy sites. I also arrange Bible tours for pilgrims, visiting places with Biblical references; it will feel like you are following in the Lord’s footsteps. Whether you are planning to travel alone or take a Christian tour in Israel with your friends, family, or church group, I can customize the perfect itinerary that meets your trip expectations. Feel free to reach out and check out the itinerary for the Christian tour below.