Tour the Holy Land with Fellow Pilgrims

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Tour the Holy Land with Fellow Pilgrims

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The experience of a Lifetime Awaits You!

Are you planning to visit the Holy Land of Israel as a pilgrim? Do you seek a one-of-a-kind spiritual experience across all places of religious significance? Then I, Michael Skir, am at your service. I am a private guide with my roots in this beautiful country, which I would love to take you around. Over the years, I have helped tourists and pilgrims from all over the world, tour the Holy Land and explore everything from Jerusalem to Northern Israel, including all the holy sites.  


If you are a pilgrim in the Holy Land looking for a private tour of the attractions, I can customize the perfect itinerary according to your preference. While doing so, you will get a chance to explore the rich heritage, culture, and cuisine of Israel. Brace yourself for the authentic Israeli experience. Call today, and let’s plan a great trip for you.

Hire the Best Guide in the Holy Land

The Holy Land of Israel, believed to be of the most significance place for Christianity, attracts thousands of pilgrims yearly. People travel here in search of unique spiritual experiences.

However, when visiting for the first time, lot of tourists get confused not knowing how to schedule their Holy Land Tours  days, where to start there tours,most of them have troubles scheduling opening hours. Nevertheless, I Michael Skir, your most outstanding guide in the Holy Land, can assist you best.

I have provided thousands of tourists and pilgrims worldwide with Holy Land Private Tours throughout the years.

So, if you are a pilgrim or a traveler or a tourist in the Holy Land ,looking for the Best Catholic Holy Land Tours, you will get the ideal custom-made Israel Holy Land Tour Packages.

You will have the chance to learn more about Israel’s extensive history, culture, and food while touring around. Prepare yourself for the real Israeli experience. Get in touch with me right away to start organizing your wonderful trip.

Land In The Footsteps Of Jesus

The Holy Land is  on the eastern side of the Mediterranean, a mixture of all beliefs where Christ lived and taught, the place where the Bible was born.

You can experience Jesus’ life  by touring this the Holy land. During your pilgrim tours for Christians in The Holy Land, you will walk in Jesus’s footsteps and experience all of the Lord’s struggles, prophecies, and miracles.

Explore The Spiritual Life Of Jesus

The Sea of Galilee, also called the “Kinneret” in Hebrew , is one of many other places in the northern part of the country that are the botn places of Christianity.

You will experience how Jesus’ disciples saw him walking on water in the Gospel.

Where the lord announced the 8 beatitudes..and so much more.

Many miracles have occurred around the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus  fed 5,000 people at Tabgha, the fruitful garden on its northern shore, using five loaves of bread and two fishes, right here at the Church of the Multiplication , the church was  built in the fifth century to commemorate this miracle.

Cana, the Galilean town, where Jesus transformed water into wine to bless a poor couple getting married.

John the Baptist baptized Jesus at the Jordan river .

As you immerse yourself in the holy water , you will follow Jesus as many other Christians do,this is one of most emotional moments in the holy land.

Capernaum is a place you wouldn’t want to miss.

The house of Saint Peter and the great synagogue of Capernaum.

Visit the Mount of Beatitudes is unavoidably part of any Christian tour of Northern Israel. Imagine Jesus standing here when he delivered his famous Sermon on the Mount as you stand on that well-known hill in Israel’s Korazim plateau. You will get to explore all of that and much more of the Holy Land when you will have me as your best guide in the Holy Land.

Discover How The Heritage Of Jesus Saw Its Demise

Jesus was crucified here in the magnificent city of Jerusalem.

In your bible tours with me, you will travel with tens of thousands of other Christians as you accompany Jesus on the Via Dolorosa, the path of agony that brought the Lord to his death.

Arrive at the Garden Tomb, where Jesus was barried and ascended to heaven.

We’ll visit the church of Holy Sepulchre, where we’ll enter our lord’s tomb and visit the calvary the actual rock  of  crucifixion.

The Mount of Olives,the holy mount for all faiths and the place where Jesus came through to  Jerusalem.

The church of Getsemane with the stone of agony, where Jesus cried out for the lord ,and the garden of Gethsemane with olive trees of more than 1000 years.

Take a deep breath of the clean mountain air and inhale the holiness of Jesus and the spirituality of Christianity with Israel Holy Land Tour Packages.

I’ll make  your vacation to the Holy Land a unique and spiritual experience with Holy Land Private Tours.

As your guide in the Holy land , you’ll walk beside my steps.

I am licensed by the ministry of tourism,with 17 years of experience,and thousands of pilgrims, groups, and happy families.

For the best Catholic Holy Land Tours in Israel, get in touch with Michael Skir, your excellent guide in the Holy Land, if you are organizing a holy land trip or are already on a Christian pilgrimage journey.