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Spring Harrod in the Eastern Galilee. I will take you with me on another trip in Israel as if you had taken an Israeli tour guide with you.

The cave is called Gideon’s Cave.

Harrod Spring is located in Harrod National Park in the eastern part of the Lower Galilee, a short way will lead us to a cave with a spring of cool water and stream flowing around

In the past, the water flowed into Herod’s river

The story of Gideon and his 300 warriors from the book of judges Chapter 7, 8 is a story of heroism, a story of the few versus the many.

Midian is located not far from us, a few kilometers away, so the story is relevant to the place

In Judges, chapter 7, there is a very interesting verse.

And later only the warriors who drink without the help of their hands but lick the water only they participate in the war

Gideon receives 300 warriors in the Midianites.

Interesting is the fact that Moshe married a Midianite

For a long time during the conquest of Israel. Israel and Midian had good neighborly relations and even mutual influence. However, in the Book of Judges the situation changes, and Midian becomes the enemy.

The Midianites are on the eastern border of Israel in the south of the Kingdom of Jordan, past and present the Midianites were nomadic tribes of Bedouin and desert people.,

The Lord God was one of the Midianite gods in addition to other gods

ןMidian according to the Bible was the son of Abraham from his other mistress Ketura after the death of his wife Sarah after he expelled his mistress Hagar.

Later the Midianites became Moabite and Edomites and Amonites

The Midianites bought Joseph and brought him down to Egypt where they sold him as a slave.

Shortly before entering the land, the daughters of Midian failed the children of Israel in foreign labor and incest

And their influence on the Canaanite space was great, later in the 7th century Islam took over the Arab space including the kingdom of Midian, and the inhabitants of the desert became Muslims.

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