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The Muharraqa The Carmelite Order

The Muharraqa The Carmelite Order and Elijah are interesting topics each in its own right, I will try to expand and tell about the Muharraqa and the Carmelite Order as if a private tour guide is taking you around the country

The Carmelite order sees the Carmel as its seat, and the prophet Elijah as its spiritual patron, every Carmelite sees the Mount of Holiness, we Jews also see the Mount of Carmel as a symbol of warfare and holiness.

Kings 1:18 15-46 tells the story of Elijah fighting his war with Baal, according to the belief the biblical story took place here in the Carmel Horn. As a prophet of divine power. We will talk a lot more about the prophet Elijah and the period when he ruled. The Bible tries to defy him, to accuse Ahab of approaching pagans, but why did Ahab sin more than David for example or Solomon, why does Ahab always appear to us as the man of evil, the kings of Israel and Judah got tired from the lord.

Moses, Avraham also married foreign women to the people of Israel and they are considered as the most important figures in the Jewish faith.

In Friday’s night Kiddush, appears Elijah as the throne of honor, on which the circumcision is performed, because Elijah is the prophet who accuses Israel of breaking the covenant and here the throne of Elijah is re-covenant between God and Elijah. In the Gospels Elijah performs an amazing miracle, he asks the widow for bread and water, it is a year of drought, the experience that puts the Sidonian woman here is almost inhuman, but she serves him but lacks of bread she has no oil and flour, moreover her son is inclined to die from lack of food but Elijah assures her that Elijah will raise the dead son of the widow … later Jesus will revive Lazarus …

We will return to Kings 1: 1 Elijah and Ahab are waging a battle. Elijah claims that he is alone. Alone with all the prophets Baal 450 in number … This is not exactly true, the fact that his servants themselves hid about 100 in the cave. And the prophets of Baal lose, Elijah mocks the prophet’s attributes to them human qualities verses 27:28, Elijah fills jugs of water around the altar even though there is no water, this is a year of drought, the trees are wet, Elijah examines the prophets all the way .and they lose the fight.

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