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A Private Tour Guide In Israel | Michael Skir

Find Israel’s Hidden Gems with a Private Tour Guide

For many years, Michael has guided and accompanied many groups throughout Israel.
For many years Michael Skir has been guiding groups, planning many different types of itineraries
Every trip to Israel requires a lot of skill, knowledge of the roads, opening and closing hours, historical archeological knowledge, the historical link between the various sites, and different planning for different groups according to size and composition.
Michael will adjust each tour according to their financial ability, the number of days, and many other factors.
Most tour guides or companies in Israel charge a fee for creating an itinerary, but Michael does not.
Being a tour guide in Israel, unlike in other countries, requires extensive knowledge of the Bible, history, geography, archeology, Judaism, and Christianity, and the hardest thing of all is connecting everything.
And finally, why with Michael?
The captivating personality, the extensive knowledge of Christianity, Judaism, geography, and history, the feeling of family, with Michael we can add a certain site, stop on the side of the road and taste strawberries, for coffee…
Michael Skir will tailor a route for you and build you a private trip in the Land of Israel step by step.

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